Jo-Anne May - Healthy Child Major Assessment Task - 80%

Topic: Road Safety
Aim: To ensure children adopt safe road user behaviours and develop responsible attitudes to sharing roads with others

VELS Level: 3 (Grade 3 and 4)

Links with VELS: Within the Physical, Personal and Social Learning strand is the Health and Physical Education domain. "Students develop an understanding of the right to be safe and explore the concepts of challenge, risk and safety. They identify the harms associated with particular situations and behaviours and how to take action to minimise these harms" (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, VCAA, 2007). Within this domain is the standard Health Knowledge and Promotion. At Level 3, students ....."identify basic safety skills and strategies at home, school and in the community, and describe methods for recognising and avoiding harmful situations" (VCAA, 2007).