Name: Jo-Anne May Lesson No: 1 Subject: Health Knowledge and Promotion
Topic: Road Safety Grade: 3 /4 Duration: Approx. 1 hour

Aims(s): To ascertain students knowledge of 'road safety'. To further enhance their understanding
of key road safety concepts, in particular those situations which occur more frequently to them.
For students to be able to determine that our built environment (roads etc) constitute a real and ever-present problem for a young person to safely and carefully navigate.

For students to be able to think up solutions to road safety problems.

For students' to work cooperatively and effectively in small groups to present a conclusion summary.

VELS focus:
Level 3 Health and Physical Education domain - Health Knowledge and Promotion standard. Level 3 English Speaking and Listening strand.

Time in mins.

15 mins

20 mins to draft and practise plays and 20 mins to perform each groups plays (2 - 3 mins for each play)

5 - 10 mins

Brainstorm 'road safety' with students, encourage discussion around road safety, identifying childrens background understandings in traffic and road safety. Write students findings on the whiteboard. Ask children to form groups of 3 - 5 (depending on size of class). Provide each group with a 'scenario' from discussion. (For example, one group is crossing the road without any traffic lights and heavy traffic is on the road). Another group is riding their bikes to school, ask group to draw local 'street map' in poster size including some busy roads.

Another group might be walking to football/netball training and they have brought their own ball with them.

Another group is crossing a heavy intersection with lights to get to the skate park (they have their skateboards and other equipment with them).
Another group is arriving in a car with a parent at 'drop-off' time at school in the morning. Depending on numbers of groups continue with 'scenarios'.

Procedural steps:

Brainstorm background knowledge and then assign 'road safety scenarios' to each group.
Students are to create 2 mini 'plays' based on their 'scenario' provided.
The first role-play will enact how not to behave in that particular situation and the second scenario will show how to 'safely' behave in a road safety situation.

Pack up plays and equipment. Students to come back to whole group and teacher asks what new things did they learn ABOUT ROAD / TRAFFIC SAFETY today?
Summarise the key road safety principles found and write their responses on whiteboard.

4 to 5 bike helmets skateboards
/scooters x 2/3 toddler rido-ons x 2/3 (to used as 'cars')

Streetscene - masking tape to
depict road, paper / plastic to depict footpath and A3 poster
of traffic lights.
Assessment and record keeping of students’ achievement:
Teacher to evaluate each group's performance and even contribution of team members. Thorough summary of key safety principles
teacher can then ascertain students understanding of traffic safety and students absorption of issues.

Teachers’ and Students’ resources:
Internet sites:
RACV - VELS links to road safety activities by RACV

Otto Club - fun traffic safety resource for students

STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and LIVE......UK government website with great activities and online resources for both students and teachers

Kids and traffic governement website

Extension activities:
Students can access online activities to test their road safety knowledge:

Whiteboard summary:
'Things to bring' (scooters, toddler trikes / mini-cars and helmets) to school to assist in learning.
Brainstorming session findings from Introduction to topic.
Summary of students' findings from Conclusion of lesson.